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The Online Sanskrit Pronunciation Guide
The Online Sanskrit Pronunciation Guide is a resource for Yoga teachers and students interested in learning how to better pronounce and understand the Sanskrit words that they use and encounter in classes,conversations, texts, and teachings. The Sanskrit words are shown in the original Devanagari script, the corresponding transliteration, English translations of the terms and their roots, and streaming audio files of these words being pronounced.
Yoga Journal
Go to the Poses Section of the Yoga Journal website to find the Sanskrit names and the Sanskrit pronunciation for a wide variety of yoga postures.
Sanskrit Root Words
A comprehensive list of the English translations for almost all the Sanskrit root words used in yoga postures.
Kripalu Yoga Postures
A list of the English names of the postures from the YTT Manual along with the Sanskrit names and the Sanskrit pronunciation.
Yoga Glossary
A glossary of yoga terms in Sanskrit and their English meanings.

Kripalu Postures

Sanskrit Pronunciation Idiosyncrasies

Some instructors drop the final "a" when pronouncing Sanskrit names. For example, you will often here Pranayama pronounced "PRAH-nah-yam" rather than "PRAH- nah-yama" or Tadasana pronounced "tah-DAHS-an" rather than "tah-DAHS-anna."  I have adopted the usage followed by Yoga Journal of pronouncing the final "a."