Teaching Style


Duane’s yoga classes are both playful and challenging. He encourages students to listen to their bodies and there is no pressure to achieve a perfect form. There is only encouragement for students to reach their highest potential. Duane believes practicing yoga should be a joyful experience.

Each class consists of centering, pranayama or breathing techniques, chanting OM, warm ups, postures and relaxation.

Duane teaches Kripalu Yoga, a style of Hatha Yoga which is a gentle but challenging, thoughtful, introspective practice designed to leave the practitioner feeling both energized and relaxed.

Duane teaches classes at all skill levels from beginner to advanced. He also teaches classes at all activity levels from gentle to moderate to vigorous. Duane's typical class is a moderate Kripalu yoga class for all skill levels. Duane give his students options so that each student can tailor the class to fit his or her particular needs.